The Balton name is synonymous with SIGNS. D.F. Balton founded BALTON & SONS SIGN COMPANY in 1875, before signs as we know them today were produced, when house painting was their main source of revenue, decades before Neon signs were even invented. For almost 100 years the family produced most of the signs in Memphis and surrounding areas, from theater marquees to the city street signs. BALTON & SONS designed and produced perhaps the most successful commercial sign ever built, the original Holiday Inn Great Sign. As the company, family and markets expanded, newer concerns wanting immediate respect in the mid-south bought out the company and BALTON & SONS name. But, great, great, grandson  H.A. Balton was not ready to give up the manufacturing of signs. In 1961, H.A. BALTON SIGN COMPANY was founded. For the next forty years, it was again Balton family members that were known for producing quality signage. Known as a Memphis landmark, the Angel Food Ice Cream's twenty foot diameter ice cream bucket sign is one of H.A. BALTON SIGN COMPANY's fabrications. Walking down Beale, it is one Balton sign after another. By that time, the Balton family had been in the sign business longer than any other family in the United States, each generation building on the experience of the last. In 1995, great, great, great grandsons Jeff and Scott Balton opened PRECISION SIGNS in order to take advantage of the latest technologies to create specialty designed signs inspired by their love of vintage signage and architecture. PRECISION SIGNS refurbished and brought back to life the famous Sputnik sign in Memphis. Their vintage inspired Kats Wines and Babalu signs became Jackson, Mississippi icons. The nostalgic feeling led them to regain ownership of the BALTON & SONS name and eventually bring BALTON & SONS, H.A. BALTON, and PRECISION SIGNS under one roof, and one name, BALTON SIGN COMPANY. With experience, tradition, quality, professionalism, and innovation behind the name, make your sign a Balton sign.


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